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Steel Band Teambuilding Workshops

Ethical Music Corporation offers small groups of participants the opportunity to learn and play various steel drum instruments uniquely crafted by artist Kiskadee's late father, Michael Contant, who was one of the founding developers and pionneers of this 20th-century instrument from the island of Trinidad.
Participants learn to play a song together, harmoniously and as a group. Because of the nature of the workshops and of the instruments, participants experience a rapid sense of progress and motivating results. Each group session typically runs for one hour and participants learn to play a simple song on one or two different steel drums. They may also learn to teach each other their particular steel drum instrument, demonstrating both learning and teaching skills as a team.
These workshops often stimulate learning in other areas as well as creativity and problem-solving skills.

Children's Musical Community Project

This endearing music video was part of a special school presentation by the Coconut Creek community Children's Virtues class. The children, aged between three and 11 years, made a small documentary about some of the community activities they carried out during the days of Ayyam-i-ha, a festive period in the Baha'i calendar, of giving, service to the community and hospitality, especially to the poor or forgotten.
The documentary culminated in this song about Ayyam-i-ha, recorded and filmed at the Ethical Music studios in Coconut Creek.
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Reggae Workshop - An Introduction to Reggae Music for Schools

Ethical Music Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of this unique Reggae workshop with Jamaican Reggae artist, Claudius England.
Participants are introduced to the major players of the 70's and 80's, such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. As they are guided through a musical tour of how Reggae has developed and changed over the last four decades, they will examine writing styles, instrumentation and the impact that culture has on the Reggae genre.
Participants are then given the opportunity to compose their own Reggae song, drawing on their experiences , and to share their composition with the group.

Motivational Talks For Schools, Colleges and Universities

Ethical Music Corporation offers a number of talks for schools and other educational establishments on various topics such as the importance and social impact of music on society, overcoming barriers to success, identifying future career aspirations, working with a guide dog, and many more.

Read the newspaper article in the South Florida Times, about Ethical Music President, Jeanette Contant-Galitello's inspiring workshop to blind and partially sighted teenagers at the Lighthouse for the Blind.

Creative Job Preparation Sessions For Blind /Visually-impaired Jobseekers and Business Owners

As our motto, 'Harmonizing vision and creativity" suggests, Ethical Music Corporation is about creating harmony between an individual's vision and that vision's creative realization. When a person suffers a devastating blow such as sight loss, they can often feel that they only have a fraction of the potential they once had.
Ethical Music Corporation offers unique One-to-one or group sessions in how to creatively and effectively establish a career or become a business owner after sight loss. specific focus is also given to careers in the field of music.
The individual will firstly learn typical jobseeking skills such as identifying strengths, creating Resumes and cover letters, maximizing success at a job interview and more.
Other more specialized and sometimes tricky areas of focus will then be addressed, such as how to positively disclose a disability to a potential employer, how to use a computer adapted for blindness, how to use a mobile phone such as an i-Phone with screen-reading software, requesting reasonable accommodations from an employer, different dress codes and networking without sight.
Individuals wishing to establish a career in music will also learn about trade associations and organizations for professional musicians, such as ASCAP, BMI, AFM, etc.

See article about the Job Readiness for the Blind course that Jeanette created.

Specialist Music Access Technology Courses

Ethical Music Corporation offers specialist courses to blind and visually-impaired musicians and music producers wishing to create or produce music on a computer or computer-based recording studio, using screen-reading software. The software enables them to operate commonly-used music software in a similar way as a person with full sight, thus giving them more or less equal access to creating or producing music professionally.

Braille Classes

Ethical Music Corporation offers individuals with sight loss how to read grade 1 and grade 2 Braille. Individuals can also learn how to write Braille using a Perkins Brailler. Once the basics have been acquired, individuals will then be given the opportunity to focus on Braille technology such as note takers, Braille displays and electronic Braille. Those wishing to learn how to read Braille music will also be provided with appropriate resources.

Artist Collaboration: Pretty Little World

Experience this stirring and audacious collaboration between dynamic Ethical Music talents, Reggae artist, Claudius England from Jamaica and soul fusion artist, Kiskadee from England. Inspired by recent revelations of the disproportionate killings of unarmed black men such as Michael Brown and Eric Garner by police, Pretty Little World, written by Claudius England and Kiskadee, challenges the fundamentals of American society and questions America's true adherence to the values stated in its constitution.

Sponsored Artist Studio Production Promotion Opportunities

For many songwriters and recording artists, getting their music recorded or produced is almost impossible because of prohibitive costs and their financial constraints. Ethical Music Corporation offers artists at a professional level sponsored opportunities to have their music recorded or produced professionally in a state-of-the-art recording studio. <<>>
Artists are also given the opportunity to perform in Ethical Music concerts, learn to use their musical talent for various service projects such as school workshops, and are given resources to assist them in the development and advancement of their music career.

Multi-faith Community Choir

It has often been said that music is an international language. The of the New Era choir, Founded in 2009 by Ethical Music Corporation, has a mission to bring people of diverse backgrounds and faiths together through singing and fellowship, demonstrating that despite a world of war and strife, the unity of diverse peoples is indeed possible. With its grassroots membership comprising of volunteers of different faiths, nationalities and backgrounds, The Gospel of the New Era choir turns the vision of unity in diversity into reality, bringing hope and upliftment to every performance. These performances include concerts, funerals, nursing homes, performances for charities, the Veterans' Association, festivals, interfaith gatherings and other community events.

Community Steel Band

Ethical Music Corporation has reached out to various groups and communities in several Counties in South Florida and have established the “Floridians Steelband”. This project is already promoting cultural awareness. It is also enabling people who have never played an instrument, to experience the joy of playing music together.