Ethical Music Corporation.
Harmonising vision and creativity

Message from the President:

Ethical Music Corporation can be summed up in three words: vision, creativity and empowerment; hence the origin of our slogan "Harmonizing Vision and Creativity'.

I have traveled to over 25 countries worldwide during the course of my music career, Have performed and given presentations in very diverse settings, venues and situations and have worked with or alongside some internationally renowned figures in the music scene.

But what was always so striking for me was the amount of unsung professional talent out there; talent from amazing individuals who strive on a daily basis to make a living from what they do best and the musical craft they have been perfecting as their unique expression and gift to the world. Their lack of notoriety or fame in the mainstream music industry, is in no way a reflection of their great ability to equally move audiences, effect social and political change or inspire new movements through their music.

In a small but famed music world where image is all-important and its major protagonists, especially women, are highly sexualized, this presents an almost irreconcilable dichotomy for the majority of artists trying hard to break into that industry whilst retaining their genuine authenticity.

As a an accomplished songwriter, musician and performer, but who happens to be legally blind, I realized that a visual disability is definitely not perceived as sexy, especially for a woman. This fact was borne out by my research discovering how few women with blindness or other disabilities, as opposed to men, had achieved international notoriety in the commercial music world. How many other music artists, I asked myself, have fallen outside the box because of their failure to conform to established norms?

I resolved to harness the vast array of experience and strengths I myself have gained through my work and my travels whilst overcoming prejudice, difficulties and barriers, and to utilize these experiences to empower others to also achieve their vision despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This was the inspiration behind the founding ofEthical Music Corporation.

As well as providing a platform for music artists to promote and support their work, Ethical Music has created outreach programs where our Ethical Music Artists go into schools and colleges to revive the desire to embrace creativity in our future generations.

The services offered by Ethical Music Corporation and its volunteers are having a real and positive impact on artists, schools and communities. But in order to continue our work and benefit these groups who would otherwise be unable to afford such programs and services, funds are needed. Thanks to some of the generous donations we have already received we have been able to continue sponsorships of various projects, such as the running of a community choir promoting unity in diversity, inspiring programs for schools such as the recent memorable recording and video of a children’s project for a local school, and the sponsoring of individual artist projects.

Be part of this growing movement and become a harmonizer of vision and creativity! Please make a donation to Ethical Music Corporation so that we can continue to carry out this much needed work. No donation is too small! Feel free to contact us by phone or using the Contact form to discuss this further.

Thank you.
Jeanette Contant-Galitello
President, Ethical Music Corporation