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Kajessa's much anticipated album just released June 2011!
Soulful, charming, soothing voice, touching lyrics, powerful music; these are the qualities that can be heard in Kajessa’s music.

Kajessa writes from her everyday life: happiness, sorrow, joy, and pain all echo in her music.
She was raised with the love of Music. Her father is a guitarist/singer/songwriter. He made sure that she got her daily dose of Music since the womb. She learned how to read a sheet of Music before she turned 10 and started learning the piano at the age of 15. She finally decided to follow her father’s footsteps and held a guitar for the first time at 17. He was her first teacher.
If you did not know about Organic Soul Music, here’s your chance to get acquainted and at ease with this new explosive, but yet soft, genre. Her sound soothes and excites all at the same time. To her, it’s a way of life; to you, it’s Love at first note.