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Al "Soulman" Sharp

Having set up his own music publishing company, Al’s Music, and established his entertainment company, Soul Productions, Al Sharp is immersed in singing, songwriting and recording, performing all over the UK and reviving the old soul classics with his own distinctive style, belting them out with that unrivalled vocal power few can reach. His unmistakeable sound brings to mind legends like Al Green, Wilson Pickett and Marvin Gaye.

Born in Maryland, USA and raised in New York, Al Sharp has a musically illustrious family background. His father, Alexander Sharp, was a member of the first black Do Wop group, The Orioles, and later, famous blues band, The Ink Spots.

Even in babyhood Al himself was exposed to show business, as his proud father would bring him on stage to show him to the delighted audiences. In his teens Al formed black soul cover band, The Shamrocks. The popular Brooklin soul band performed all over New York.

Whilst stationed in the UK with the American Air Force in the early seventies, Al and his g.i. band, The Afro-Dimensions won a Blues and Soul competition, securing a recording contract with Jay Boy Records in London.

From this point on, Al soon established himself as a prolific songwriter and soul artist, forming successful songwriting partnerships with David Vaughan, Peter Shelly and Martin Kershaw. Hits included What Ever Goes Around Comes Around, Never Gonna Leave You and One Third Love, Two Thirds Pain.

Al’s increasing dissatisfaction with the limited scope of the musical vision around him, however, led to his eventual decision to take a step back from the industry and re-evaluate his life and direction. Nevertheless, within a few years the musical calling so irresistable to him, had inspired him to write and record no less than 2 Spiritual/Gospel albums, 2 meditation/relaxation albums, 2 jazz albums and 4 Soul albums, released by Al on his own label.

During this time Al was led to a musical partnership with fellow songwriter, Greg Tingey, which had a profound influence on Al and produced an entire catalogue of ballads, blues, gospel and more. Their original musical, Jack (The Musical) portrayed the untold angle to the harrowing story of Jack The Ripper and has never yet been staged. This highly fruitful songwriting partnership was to be fated by the sad passing of Greg Tingey, to whom Al’s latest album, Love Will Find You, is dedicated.

Released in 2007, Love Will Find You exemplifies yet again Al's soulful singing, skillful songwriting and imaginative arranging, with tracks like Dragon Lady, O Donna and Everything You Need capturing that old school vibe. Gospel sound, Ain't no rain in heaven is an original written by the Al Sharp/G. Tingey team. Winter Lament, the final track on the album, shot to number one on the Soundclick Urban R&B charts in July 2007 and features international soulstress, Kiskadee who wrote, arranged and produced this tear-jerking duet.